Ntswai Ntswai traditional musical instruments production team 

Ntswai Ntswai Arts venturing into Mbira and Marimba productionis their day to day business these days.

To many, the name Ntswai Ntswai Arts is synonymous with musical performances. Not anymore, Ntswai Ntswai Arts has seriously ventured into manufacture of traditional musical instruments in addition to the usual musical performances. The arts organization has a fully fledged traditional instrument manufacturing division within its structure.The group has been involved in mbira and marimba manufacturing in the past 2 years. 

 The director of Ntswai Ntswai Arts, Sir Lino Piloto indicated that the group has to date supplied more than 80 nyunganyunga mbira and 5 sets of marimba to different schools in Manicaland province. Sir Lino Piloto added “..as you are aware besides perfomances we also produce Mbira , Marimba, Djembe and Ngoma instruments. With the introduction of the updated curriculum of the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education we realized we have a role to play in promoting traditional musical activities. So we are chipping in by manufacturing mbira and marimba instruments as well as training primary and secondary school and college learners to play traditional instruments.”

The Ntswai Ntswai Arts director hailed the Education ministry for the updated curriculum which seeks to promote Zimbabwean traditional musical activities with more emphasis on performance. “As Ntswai Ntswai Arts we regard ourselves as key stakeholders in survival and continuity of Zimbabwean traditional musical activities hence the establishment of the manufacturing division in our organization” added Sir Lino.

Ntswai Ntswai Arts is based in the Dangamvura high density suburb of Mutare. The group is well established in terms of traditional music and dance performances. Besides manufacturing traditional music instruments they also repair them. The arts organisation also trains people of all ages to play traditional instruments.

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